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Grocery bag "Colour block" olive

The 'Color Block' shopper by Handed By is a practical and trendy carrier bag. The handles are made from PU leather, which ensures that it can be carried comfortably. Perfect to take with you to the market, the beach, or the supermarket. This beautiful, strong bag makes plastic bags unnecessary. The PU leather handles ensure that it can be carried comfortably. Braided by hand using 70% recycled plastic. Tough, stylish, and durable!
Size- S;
Color- olive;
Dimensions: height - 27cm; length - 31cm; width - 24cm *;
Sturdy faux leather handles withstand a weight of up to 15 kg;
Made of 70% recycled plastic;
Manufacturer - "Handed By", The Netherlands;
* The bags are handmade, so their dimensions may vary slightly.